Featured Artists & Ensembles

Each year, we offer a variety of music through Christian artists, local church choirs and orchestras, and collegiate ensembles. Here are the featured artists and ensembles for the
2020 Baptist Church Music Conference.

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Driven by a passionate spiritual and musical message imparting faith, hope, love and a commitment to ongoing musical excellence, five piece vocal powerhouse Veritas brings a fresh, dynamic twist to the classical crossovergenre. While all the members of Veritas have the same vision for the group and seek to convey the same overriding message, the group’s powerful chemistry emerges in part from five distinctive personalities that bring different musical/cultural tastes, sensibilities, and experience to the mix.

The music of Veritas – which multi-talented members include Jeff Anderson (first tenor), James Berrian (baritone), Andrew Goodwin (second tenor), Jordan Johnson (first tenor), and Lucas Scott Lawrence (bass) – offers fans a unique musical style fashioned from a fusion of artistic excellence and creative pursuit with performances that promise to inspire an audience of any distinction.

Since coming together in 2012, Veritas has always focused on crafting a dramatic experience to tell the greatest story ever told–the diving drama of love between the Creator and His Creation. Now, they are doing it in a way that more intentionally seeks to speak to their audience.

It is something they picked up from Sandi Patty while on tour with her.

“She’d say every night, ‘I know I’ve been called by God, but it’s you, the audience, I’ve worked for all these years,’”Berrian recalled.“That really resonated with us.We asked ourselves how we can best minister to our audience, to speak to the heart and bring encouragement to them, and we really honed in on the common thread we all share, hope.”

“Once you show people who you are and you are transparent with them, all of the sudden they come out of the woodwork saying, ‘That is my story, too.’” Goodwin said.

“The truth is, the five of us on stage represent everybody who we’re singing to, everynight.”

That’s humbling, they say, but it’s motivating, too. And it has changed them.

Whereas Veritas’ debut album introduced the quintet to the world as a musical force, the group’s follow-up uses that musical force to send a message.

“The first record was our sound,” Lawrence said. “This one is our heart.”

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Dr. Tim SHarp & The Tulsa Chorale

Tim Sharp is Executive Director of the American Choral Directors Association, the professional association for choral conductors, educators, scholars, students, and choral music industry representatives in the United States. He is on the Executive Committee of the International Federation for Choral Music and serves as Vice-President. As an active choral conductor, researcher, composer, and writer, Tim has varied his career serving as university and seminary professor, and has held executive positions in music publishing, recording, and non-profit administration. He is in his eleventh year as Artistic Director of the Tulsa Chorale. Prior to his leadership of ACDA and IFCM, Sharp was Dean of Fine Arts at Rhodes College, and earlier, Director of Choral Activities at Belmont University. Dr. Sharp is a Life Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge University, with degrees in music and conducting from The School of Church Music (Louisville, KY), Belmont University (Nashville, TN), with post-graduate studies at the Aspen Music School, Harvard University,
and Cambridge University.


Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma

The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma was organized in 1960 by the Church Music Department of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. From the beginning, the SCM have dedicated themselves to sharing the gospel wherever God would lead. This commitment has taken the SCM across the state of Oklahoma, the United States, and many parts of the world. The ministry and music of the Singing Churchmen have led them to minister in Israel, Armenia, Spain, China, Estonia, 2 trips to Russia, Australia, and Portugal. In 1991 the SCM sang at Prai-Sing in Nashville and in 1998, the Singing Churchmen, the Singing ChurchWomen, and the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony were invited to sing at the Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Singing Churchmen have produced several recordings during their history. In 2013 and 2015, they joined with the Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma to record “The Applause of Heaven” and “The Journey of Christmas.” In 2016 they released their latest recording, “Let Everything that Hath Breath Praise the Lord.”

Additional featured artists & Ensembles for 2020

Jason Henson

FBC Tulsa Choir
& Orchestra

Oklahoma Baptist
Children’s Choir

Oklahoma Baptist University
Chorale & Wind Ensemble

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